Nuts & Bolts Computing can provide a wide array of services catered for the small to medium business market. We are interested in servicing our clients in the best way suited to our clients.

Curious on how we provide support? We can come to you for onsite support or we can offer offsite support through secure online connections which provides our customers with the piece of mind that their systems cannot be accessed without their consent and can watch everything that is occuring onscreen whilst their system is being accessed.

The services which we commonly provide for our customers are the following:

- Server Maintenance
- Computer Maintenance
- Network Maintenance
- Rebuild Windows Installations
- Software Upgrades
- Data Backup
- Troubleshooting
- General Technical support

Interested in something special? Having an issue with incompatible software or have been told it can't be done? Then contact us and well try to help you out. In the event that we can't help you, we will endeavour to recommend someone that can.

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